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Nine ways to overcome back pain when pregnant without medication

For every woman will certainly experience a back pain of pregnant when and it is also a very natural thing to happen at any Pregnant Mom. Actually it is not very dangerous but if it is left only, low back pain when pregnant can become worse against the comfort of cadre own. In some cases, the symptoms of a waist pain can be a sign of another more serious health problem.

In a study, back pain occurred in the pregnant woman because of the change in the center of the body's gravity because it is caused by the development of the content. This is the mother in require can adjust her posture when you want to stand or when you want to sit.

But not only that, back pain in pregnant women can also occur because of the hormonal changes as well as stretching the ligament as a form of natural process of the body in preparing the time of childbirth arrives. Stretching that happens that will cause the pressure and pain of the left waist and lower back.

The increasing size of the fetus in the womb can also be the cause of the problem of lumbago, this is because the burden of the fetus itself will be toped by the back and also waist. But mothers do not have to worry because below there are some ways to overcome the back pain without drugs that can mother do at home.

How to overcome back pain during pregnancy

Lumbago in the expectant mothers of 5 months is more often experienced lumbago before left and this will make the disruption of daily activities. To address the problem of lumbago that occur, the mother does not need to use drugs that could harm the fetus who is the mother of the bladder because there is a safer way to overcome the problem. Here's the explanation:

1. Try to stay active

For pregnant women It is recommended to have a lot of rest at home, but it does not mean that the mother is silent in the room. Doing physical activity in the House regularly turns out to have benefits in overcoming the problem of lumbago. Physical activities that mothers do like the gymnastics of pregnant women and can also take a leisurely stroll around the home page.

2. Wear comfortable Footwear

If the mother wants to use shoes or other footwear, try to choose which can make the mother comfortable or choose who has a flat mat. Because if the mother wants to travel and use footwear that has a high right in fact will have a bad impact and mother will be more at risk of getting back pain. So avoid first to use high-heels or any other mother-of-paradise contains your dearest little.

3. Keep your weight ideal

Not only teenagers, pregnant women also need to maintain an ideal body weight. This is because excess weight will make mother more risk of having back pain when pregnant. So always keep a healthy diet regularly in order to prevent the rise of excess weight.

4. Do a special pregnant mother massage

If the mother wants to do a special massage pregnant women, then we should look for a certified and experienced therapist to help relieve the back pain and this therapist will make the mother more relaxed. But it is good before the mother do massage therapy, consult first with a doctor to know the condition of the body and the fetus that is in the womb.

5. Eliminate bad habits of standing and sitting too long

Mother will be more at risk to suffer back pain when pregnant when the mother spends too much time sitting and also standing. This is because according to the study mentioned that sitting and standing too long can make a risk of pain in the waist is greater.

6. Try to sleep in the correct position

For pregnant women, preferably if you want to sleep try not to be stretched because it will make pain in the stomach and waist and good position is a sloping position. The mother could bend one of the knees and add a pillow underneath.

7. Regular and regular exercise

Although pregnant, mother still can do light exercise on a regular basis. This is because exercise will make the body become more pliable and muscles in the body will also be stronger. Mothers can do light sports at home or outdoors such as relaxing walks, yoga and other sports safe for pregnant women.

8. Avoid heavy lifting

For pregnant women is strongly not recommended once to follow and to take the body of the heavy objects because it will have a bad impact on the fetus and bodily. If the mother wants to pick up or lift an object, you should ask the help of someone else. Because in addition to the adverse effect to the fetus, this can also trigger the mother to experience prolonged waist pain.

9. Consult a physician

When the mother experiences severe waist or back pain during young pregnant or old pregnant and the pain lasts very long and more than two weeks then it is good that the mother immediately checked her to the doctor. Because this is most likely a sign of more serious problems.

Usually the back pain when pregnant it will subsided gradually by doing the treatment above. But if in the above way the low back pain that Mother Nature does not heal and even increased worse then it should be checked to the doctor. And the mother should also be more careful if the back pain or the bottom of the ribs accompanied by nausea, fever, then go to the doctor because these symptoms are a problem of infection in the kidneys. So many information can be given, hopefully can give a useful information for all. Thanks.

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