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Seven types of skin allergies in infants and children and how to overcome them

Some cases that have occurred if there is a rash on the skin that does not heal can be a sign of skin allergies problems in infants and children. For parents, we are obliged to know the types of allergies to the skin so that we as parents can give first aid to the symptoms of allergies to the child.

Although it is basically a matter of allergies to the skin, it is not very harmful, although skin allergies in infants and children should not be trivial. Because if the symptoms of allergies arising in the child is left only then it can trigger the occurrence of other health problems. Not only that, the onset of skin allergies in infants and children also often makes it more fussy than usual.

Types of skin allergies in infants and children are common

According to some studies, it is possible that the skin allergies in the child may be triggered by two things, namely the skin of the little ones in direct contact with allergic substance (allergens) and when the immune system of the child reacts with Remove histamine on the skin in response to the inclusion of allergens into the body of the small SI through the air.

Here are seven types of skin allergies commonly experienced by infants and children:

1). The emergence of itching – itching and swelling

When infants or children have red patches or bumps and they feel itching on the skin. So it could be signs of allergies to your liver. Usually the allergies that arise will not last long, can be only a few or a few days, sometimes itching and swelling can quickly heal by itself, or there is a long time to heal. So in order not to cause fear of the mother can bring beloved to the doctor to get the right treatment.

2). The emergence of eczema

Eczema is a skin condition that experiences inflammation. Signs if your infant or child is experiencing eczema is the onset of the appearance of a rash on the face or head accompanied by dry and thickened skin, as well as repeated infections of the skin. The rash then spreads to the chest and arms. At least there are about 10% of children in the world suffering from eczema. Usually this skin allergy can occur in infants and children suffering from food allergies, allergic rhinitis, or asthma. So avoid the use of bath soap or detergent clothes with harsh chemicals, as well as towels or clothes that are harsh in infants and children, so that the emphasis is not getting worse.

3). Urticaria Papula Emergence

Papula is urticaria or we commonly call it an allergic reaction to the skin because of insect bites that trigger the onset of rash bumps. This type of insect is a variety of types ranging from lice, mattress lice, mosquitoes, ants, bees and others. This allergy can also be experienced by infants and children even adults can be. This type of allergy can last up to several days even weeks.

Apart from Papula urticarial, there are also Angioedema.  Angioedema is a swelling that occurs in tissues under the skin, and can occur in various parts of the body, such as in the lips, genital organs or eyelids. When it occurs on the throat, these angioedema may cause shortness of breath.

Itching and agioedema that appear on the skin can be triggered by insect bites or stings, antibiotics, viral infections or plant sap. In addition, eggs, milk, soy, beans, wheat, and seafood can also be a trigger to this condition.

4). The emergence of contact Dermsumaris

If your infant or child has a rash, severe itching, and skin looks dry and scaly. It could be an early sign of contact dermatitis allergies. These allergies can arise as a result of direct contact with certain substances as an allergic trigger.

The emerging substances of contact dermatitis are very diverse, ranging from soap, detergent, perfume, pollen, dust, to animal fur. In addition, cosmetics, chemicals, ingredients contained in toothpaste and mouthwash, medicines used on the skin, and metals can also become substances trigger contact dermatitis.

5). The appearance of red spots

The emergence of allergies to the body invades certain substances, then the body will naturally release the chemicals histamine compounds that can trigger the appearance of red spots and other allergic symptoms to the skin and body.  Red spots that can cause itching will cause scars on the skin.

The shape and size are very varied, the red spots are usually pink or deep red. These red spots can appear in any part of the body and are usually clustered.

6). The emergence of a saliva allergy

The emergence of allergies to saliva is sometimes not realized by the elderly, because its effects are not very noticeable, if exposed to saliva that soaks the mouth and chin. Infants and children with allergies will experience a reddish rash and the appearance of small bumps in the mouth, chin, and chest. Small rash and bumps that appear are often considered allergic reactions due to food consumed by infants and children. Allergic to saliva is actually not to be feared. If the rash appears crusty or yellow, you need to check with the doctor immediately as this may indicate an infection.

7). The emergence of food allergies

The most common and commonly experienced type of allergy in infants and children is food allergies. The symptoms of food allergies can be red spots, cough, itching, vomiting, to bloody bowel movements, and also diarrhea. But this even happens before the baby eats the food or comes from breast milk.

The effects of some foods are often consumed and often a source of infant and child allergies, among them milk, nuts, shellfish, and others. If a baby starts to consume a companion meal, then allergies to certain foods start appearing.

How to treat skin allergies in infants

According to the doctor, the allergic symptoms often experienced by infants and children will disappear without having to get treatment of Special because the immune system will continue to grow stronger as you grow older.

It is not all skin allergic reaction that should get special care from doctors like rash. Rash is a frequent allergic symptom but these symptoms will usually Lost with a long time and also do not pose a serious problem.

Even so, when the skin's allergic reaction to infants makes it uncomfortable, a special treatment from the doctor may need to be done. If you're unsure, you can consult a doctor to get the right treatment. Below are some ways that our mothers can do to minimize the risk of skin allergies in the little ones:

1). Use a fragrance-free shampoo, lotion and soap and chemicals that are harmful to the baby.

2). Cleaning the baby clothes with a hypoallergenic detergent. And also avoid the use of softener and deodorizer. Because the product has chemical substances that can cause allergies in the small.

3). Clean the mattress, carpet, and other dust-storage objects using vacuum periodically.

4). When the baby's skin shows an allergic reaction after drinking BREAST milk, it is good if the mother avoids food containing milk because these ingredients are most often the cause of allergies in babies age less than a year.

5). Be cautious in introducing new foods to babies gradually. If there is a new meal try to give a little in advance to your infant or child if allergic arises. So don't gave the food again.

6). If you have identified the possibility of allergic factors, we should avoid those foods when the baby is still in lactation. Though, to be safer and to be more confident, consult your doctor to develop a proper diet.

7). Always routinely clean the baby mattress with hot water every week to minimize the possibility of the lice mattress.  That can bite the baby and cause allergies in babies.

The types of skin allergies mentioned above are common types of allergies in infants and children. But if we already know the cause of allergies then surely we will be more aware of how to prevent the condition is not repeated again. If needed, you can check with your pediatrician for more information on skin allergy treatment in infants. So many information can be given, hopefully can give a useful information for all. Thanks.

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