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Eight ways to treat cough and cold in pregnant women

As we already know if pregnant women should not consume drugs carelessly, because it can be bad for the health of the fetus and growth. Therefore pregnant women must know how to properly prevent and treat cough and cold when pregnant.

Flu and cough usually occurs because of an infection caused by viruses. Until now it has more than 200 different types of viruses that are already known as the main cause of a person experiencing flu and cough. The symptoms of cough and cold that occur will usually heal for a week to three weeks, but if more than that it was not cured then it is good to have it checked to the doctor.

What is a cough? In studies, cough is the form or way of the human body to protect itself. A cough is also a mechanism to be done by the body in order to always clean the respiratory tract, remove phlegm in the throat and the remnants of food that may still stick in the throat.

However If the cough is happening very long and do not heal even if you have a cure, then it is goo…

Nine ways to overcome back pain when pregnant without medication

For every woman will certainly experience a back pain of pregnant when and it is also a very natural thing to happen at any Pregnant Mom. Actually it is not very dangerous but if it is left only, low back pain when pregnant can become worse against the comfort of cadre own. In some cases, the symptoms of a waist pain can be a sign of another more serious health problem.

In a study, back pain occurred in the pregnant woman because of the change in the center of the body's gravity because it is caused by the development of the content. This is the mother in require can adjust her posture when you want to stand or when you want to sit.

But not only that, back pain in pregnant women can also occur because of the hormonal changes as well as stretching the ligament as a form of natural process of the body in preparing the time of childbirth arrives. Stretching that happens that will cause the pressure and pain of the left waist and lower back.

The increasing size of the fetus in the wom…

Twenty one ways to whiten skin naturally, young and fast to be done at home

How to whiten skin – surely every woman must let her skin look white, clean and shine naturally. But to be recognized also when getting a skin that is white and bright naturally it requires a business that is not easily and persistence to achieve it. But it is unfortunate, too, that nowadays most of women prefer to use an instant way to get white skin quickly. And not infrequently they are willing to spend a lot of money to look more beautiful.

Though compared to spending a lot of money there are some ways to whiten skin naturally and safely for health yes! Even without you know also if the natural way to whiten the skin is able to last longer and permanently. You can do a skincare using natural ingredients to disguise and brighten the skin in a few days.

Well, when you change your mind and switch natural and safe material in whitening skin then you can listen to some natural ingredients that are obligatory for you to use in treating and whitening skin naturally in a week.

Twenty One W…

Seven types of skin allergies in infants and children and how to overcome them

Some cases that have occurred if there is a rash on the skin that does not heal can be a sign of skin allergies problems in infants and children. For parents, we are obliged to know the types of allergies to the skin so that we as parents can give first aid to the symptoms of allergies to the child.

Although it is basically a matter of allergies to the skin, it is not very harmful, although skin allergies in infants and children should not be trivial. Because if the symptoms of allergies arising in the child is left only then it can trigger the occurrence of other health problems. Not only that, the onset of skin allergies in infants and children also often makes it more fussy than usual.

Types of skin allergies in infants and children are common According to some studies, it is possible that the skin allergies in the child may be triggered by two things, namely the skin of the little ones in direct contact with allergic substance (allergens) and when the immune system of the child rea…