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Nine causes of acne and how to resolve it properly

Acne is one of several types of skin problems that often occur without the person realizing it. In general the onset of acne on the skin can be caused by a cure where fine hair growth by oil, dirt and dead skin cells. Usually acne can arise anywhere, such as acne on the face, cheeks, forehead, nose, back and sometimes acne can also appear on the chest.

Basically, acne can be experienced by everyone without knowing age. But some cases, pimples are more common when a person is in a puberty period of age 10 years and above. The pimples that appear can also be severe in oily skin.

In addition to the Puber period, the cause of acne in men or women can also occur due to the hygiene of the body that is lacking in care. Although acne will disappear on its own, but in some cases, not very few people have difficulty in overcoming acne on the face.

Early symptoms of acne emergence

Acne can appear anywhere, without knowing the place. But in general the body parts that are more often in growth by acne are the face, neck, forehead and also the back. Early symptoms of acne can be marked by the appearance of black or white spots on the skin.

For black spots it usually appears on the surface of the skin and you need to know that the black spots that appear on the skin are not a buildup of dirt but because acne is exposed by oxygen in the air. For white spots will usually be located at the bottom of the surface of the skin with a harder texture than black spots.

Early symptoms of the appearance of acne will also be worse by the cause of inflammation bacteria. From these inflammation can trigger more severe acne problems, such as:

1. Pustular Acne

This type of acne will usually be characterized by the emergence of a lump that is coupled with an pus-filled tip.

2. Popular Acne

Indeed the acne size of this one is smaller than pustular acne, but this acne is a very sick pimple when the beginning of its appearance.

3. Acne nodules

This one acne has a bulge shape that resembles a pustular pimple but tends to be harder and sometimes followed by pain too.

4. Acne cysts

This last acne is the most painful type of acne of these types of acne. These pimples also often appear on the underside of the skin surface.

What causes acne on the skin?

The cause of acne in the skin can occur due to the environmental and lifestyle factors of each person. But in some cases, there are four main causes of people experiencing acne on the skin, including the following:

1. Production of excess soap on skin

The first cause is the oil gland on the skin to reduce excess oil to prevent dry skin.

2. Blockage of hair follicles

The onset of acne can also be caused by a cure of the follicles where the hair grows by oil impurities and dead skin cells.

3. Bacterial causes Acne

Bacteria can also trigger the onset of acne on the skin and the type of bacteria is Propionibacterium acnes. This type of bacteria can breed easily and make hair follicles become clogged and trigger inflammation.

4. Hormones in the body

The cause of the last acne appearance is hormones. Where excessive androgen hormone activity in the body can be a trigger for the onset of acne on the face and other limbs.

Causes of acne habits

In addition to the four main causes that trigger acne on the skin, everyone's daily habits can also trigger the appearance of acne problems. Here are some habits you should avoid:

1. Wash your face too often

For some people assume that dirty skin face is the main cause of acne. But, too often cleaning the face can also trigger the appearance of acne on the skin. This will make the facial skin lose oil and become dry and will make the oil glands on the skin produce more oil to prevent the skin from experiencing dryness.

The process that will also make the skin face in growth by acne. Well, to prevent this from happening we must avoid to wash the face too often and maximum twice a day. To get a good result, you should wash your face with warm water when morning and evening after completion of activity.

2. Often squeeze pimples

Pressing acne is not a permanent way to remove acne, but it can be a trigger for more serious problems. This is because when we squeeze acne, blockage on the skin will penetrate into the skin and this will trigger the acne healing process to be more very long and will cause acne scars that are difficult to get rid of.

3. Wearing a dirty mobile phone

Using a cell phone every day will make it become more dirty and when used to call, dirt and bacteria contained in the phone will stick to the face that leads to the onset of acne.  Therefore, you are obliged to always maintain the cleanliness of the phone you are using.

4. Facial hair Products

If you are using hair products such as hair gels, then try not to about the face such as the forehead, cheeks or other parts of the face. Because this hair product can be a trigger to cause pimples on facial skin, because the hair gel droplets will make the skin pores become clogged.

5. Wearing excessive make-up

For you women, you should avoid using make-up excessively, because excessive make-up can be the cause of skin acne. Therefore, before you use make-up, it is good to wear acne medication first and when you want to sleep you should first remove the make-up you are using.

6. Consume too much sweet food

Indeed until now there has been no clear research regarding the type of food cause acne. But according to the doctor, to prevent the onset of acne on the skin should restrict consuming the kind of foods that are sweet and also the food. In addition, food made from dairy products should also be restricted.

How to treat acne with acne products

Treating acne is certainly not easy and takes a while and depends on how severe the condition of the acne is experienced. To treat a mild acne problem, you can treat it with acne treatment products such as gels or acne creams that have a benzoyl peroxide content.

There are many types of acne treatment products that have been sold freely in pharmacies and you can buy without a doctor's prescription. Some of these care products such as:

1. Penzoyl Peroxide Product

Benzoyl peroxide serves as an antiseptic, which functions to kill bacteria on the surface of the skin. This substance also helps reduce blackheads and cope with inflammation. Benzoyl peroxide is available in the form of a gel or cream, and is used on the face that breakouts, 20 minutes after washing the face.

2. Topical Retinoids Products

This type of product is very good at lifting dead skin cells that are on the surface of the skin that will make the skin pores not clogged. Using it, you can use this medication once a day in the morning or night before bedtime. However this drug is not good for pregnant women, because it can be at a bad risk to the fetus.

3. Topical antibiotic Products

For the following products have benefits in killing bacteria which is the cause of acne in the skin. The drug is usually available in liquid form and also a gel that you can apply directly to the skin part. This type of drug is also not suitable for use with a long period of time, preferably use only for 6 to 8 weeks only.

4. Azelaic Acid Products

You can get this one medicine in the form of cream alone. The way this drug works is lifting the entire dead skin cells that clog the skin pores and the drug is also potent in killing all the bacteria that are causing acne. You can use this drug 2 times in a day, but if you have sensitive skin then use it only 1 time a day only.

5. Withdrawal Products

The following medications will usually be used by a physician if the acne suffered by the patient does not disappear with antibiotics. The workway of this drug is blocking the effects of androgen hormones that exist in the oil glands in the skin. However this medication usually has to go through a doctor's prescription.

Overcoming Acne with Natural ingredients

In overcoming stubborn acne, you can use acne-repellent products that have been sold freely in pharmacies. But for those of you who may be worried about the side effects that are inflicted from the use of the product then it can switch by doing treatment using natural ingredients. Here are some natural ingredients to cope with stubborn acne on the skin:

1. Using Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is also quite potent in overcoming and preventing the onset of acne on facial skin. This is because Aloe vera has a useful content of polyphenols to eradicate stubborn acne on the skin. But to achieve maximum results, you have to routinely use aloe vera.

2. Using egg whites

In egg whites there is a very beneficial content to treat acne, namely Lysonzim enzyme. You can use the egg whites that add a bit of lemon juice, then apply the entire part of the skin until evenly. Let stand a few minutes and wipe with warm water. Use a regular egg white mask to make the results more maximal.

3. Using garlic

Garlic has a content called sulfur. Where this sulfur substance is able to solve the problem of stubborn acne on the skin thoroughly. In addition, the mask of garlic is also quite safe to use for those who have sensitive skin.

In using natural ingredients in removing acne on the skin of the face, certainly you should not rush to get the result. Because of the use of natural materials it takes a while, but the results will be more lasting than the use of medicines.

Besides being able to last long, the use of natural materials also has no harmful side effects on normal skin conditions and is safe to use on a daily basis. That's all reviews that admins can summarize about the cause of acne and how to resolve it properly. Hopefully the above information is beneficial to you all, if you are still unsure, you can consult a doctor. So many information can be given, hopefully can give a useful information for all. Thanks.

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