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Five benefits of Argan oil for proven hair

Surely almost everyone knows, especially for you woman, the hair is a crown that supports her beauty. Many women are already doing all sorts of treatments to make their hair look beautiful including also using natural ingredients like argan oil. But allow argan oil to be beneficial for hair? Here's an explanation!

Argan oil is one type of oil derived from the seeds of argan trees that you can generally find in the country of Morocco and Africa. Argan oil itself has a very high nutritional content and various types of vegetable fats, fatty acids such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, strearate acid and also palmitic acid.

But not only this argan oil also contains vitamin E, Omega 3, antioxidant polyphenols, beta carotenes and also xantophils. Thanks to the content that makes Argan oil has been utilized for a long time for ingredients in the manufacture of traditional medicines such as medicine to treat hair.

Benefits of Argan oil for hair

So complete the content that is in Argan oil that automatically makes Argan oil also has many benefits for health especially the benefits of argan oil for hair. Below are some benefits of argan oil to maintain hair health:

1. Beneficial to prevent the occurrence of hair loss

High Vitamin E content in Argan Oil is able to help to stimulate new hair growth and keep the hair strong. There are some studies that mention that the content in Argan oil is also able to prevent the occurrence of hair loss.

2. Beneficial to repair hair damage

A researcher concluded that his Argan oil was able to repair the damage that occurred to the hair which is generally caused by the arrangement of hair using heat, chemical substances or hair painting. Basically the chemical substances contained in hair dye can trigger the occurrence of protein reduction in the hair so that it makes the hair easily damaged and fall out.

A content of linoleic acid and oleic acid in argan oil is able to prevent the reduction of protein levels in the hair so that it is able to protect the hair from heat styling because both of the fatty acid content is able to provide Layer on the hair base.

3. Keep the hair moist and provide nutrients to the hair

As mentioned above, if the content of linoleic acid and oleic acid in argan oil is able to keep our hair moist and give nutrients to the hair so that it keeps our hair healthy and strong.

Generally, the content of linoleic acid and oleic acid will help to coat the scalp and the outermost part of the hair shaft so that it will make the moisture of the hair will always be awake throughout the day.

4. Beneficial to maintain skin health

Argan Oil benefits not only to moisturize the hair but it is also beneficial to overcome the occurrence of inflammation as well as accelerate the healing of wounds that occur on the scalp.

A vitamin E, polyphenols, karoten, fatty acids and the content of Xantofil contained in Argan Oil has a role as a natural antioxidant that will provide protection to the skin, suppress the process of occurrence of inflammation and able to To accelerate the wound healing process that occurs in the scalp.

5. Make a creamy hair, smooth and easy to set

In addition to the above benefits, Argan oil itself can also be used as a conditioner to make the hair more shiny, smooth and also very easy to be styled. Not only that, the content in Argan oil is also beneficial to overcome the shrinkage.

How to use Argan oil

How to use argan oil on hair?
There are two types of argan oil that you can apply to the hair, namely the pure Argan oil and argan oil that has been processed into certain hair care products. Below there is a way of applying argan oil to the correct hair as well as its benefits.

1. Types of pure Argan oil

In the use of pure argan oil is not so difficult and the steps are as follows:

  • You can apply 5 drops or more depending on the thickness of the hair and apply it to the still wet hair.
  • You can also attach 2 teaspoons of argan oil and rub it on the hair with a massage on the scalp. Wait for 30 Mneit and rinse with water until clean.
  • Combine 2 drops of argan oil into the shampoo or conditioner you will use and this step can be done for 3 times a week for a satisfactory outcome.
  • In addition, you can use argan oil as a hair mask with a step applying 10 drops of pure argan oil to the hair section with a gentle massage on the scalp for 15 minutes. If you've been able to wrap your hair using a towel and let stand overnight, then rinse the next morning.

2. Types of processed Argan oil

If you use shampoo products such as conditioner, hair serum or hair masks that contain argan oil then use the product according to the rules of use that already exist on the product packaging. Because each product must have different usage ways.

Although until now the use of argan oil for the health of hair is still said to be safe, but if from you are experiencing itching symptoms on the scalp, then you should be immediately Argan Oil until the doctor gives an explanation.

May be enough information that admins can summarize for you about the benefits of argan oil for hair, hopefully with the above reviews can benefit all of you. Good luck! Thanks.

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