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Eight benefits of Oatmeal for human body health

Not many people know about the benefits of oatmeal for the health of the body. This is because in oatmeal there are many kinds of nutrients that are beneficial for the health of the human body.

For someone who consume oatmeal every morning routinely turned out to be able to make the person healthier and run the activity better because the energy needs can be filled by the oatmeal. Therefore, it is highly recommended for those of you who have heavy activities every day to consume oatmeal every morning on a regular basis.

How to make oatmeal is also quite easy and you can also add some fresh fruit pieces to complement the content of vitamins and other nutrients. Here is the nutritional content in the oatmeal.

Nutritional content in Oatmeal Oatmeal is one kind of food that is very healthy for the consumption of everyone every day. You should know that in the oatmeal there is a complete nutrient content that is very needed by the human body. Nutritional content in oatmeal such as carbohydr…

Five benefits of Argan oil for proven hair

Surely almost everyone knows, especially for you woman, the hair is a crown that supports her beauty. Many women are already doing all sorts of treatments to make their hair look beautiful including also using natural ingredients like argan oil. But allow argan oil to be beneficial for hair? Here's an explanation!

Argan oil is one type of oil derived from the seeds of argan trees that you can generally find in the country of Morocco and Africa. Argan oil itself has a very high nutritional content and various types of vegetable fats, fatty acids such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, strearate acid and also palmitic acid.

But not only this argan oil also contains vitamin E, Omega 3, antioxidant polyphenols, beta carotenes and also xantophils. Thanks to the content that makes Argan oil has been utilized for a long time for ingredients in the manufacture of traditional medicines such as medicine to treat hair.

Benefits of Argan oil for hair So complete the content that is in Argan oil tha…

Nine causes of acne and how to resolve it properly

Acne is one of several types of skin problems that often occur without the person realizing it. In general the onset of acne on the skin can be caused by a cure where fine hair growth by oil, dirt and dead skin cells. Usually acne can arise anywhere, such as acne on the face, cheeks, forehead, nose, back and sometimes acne can also appear on the chest.

Basically, acne can be experienced by everyone without knowing age. But some cases, pimples are more common when a person is in a puberty period of age 10 years and above. The pimples that appear can also be severe in oily skin.

In addition to the Puber period, the cause of acne in men or women can also occur due to the hygiene of the body that is lacking in care. Although acne will disappear on its own, but in some cases, not very few people have difficulty in overcoming acne on the face.

Early symptoms of acne emergence Acne can appear anywhere, without knowing the place. But in general the body parts that are more often in growth by a…

Eight list of Diet menus for safe breastfeeding mothers

When pregnant, of course, many women who experience excessive weight gain and when finished childbirth, weight can be increased again. This is what also makes many of the women who want to lose their weight by doing a diet program for nursing mothers. Without you being aware, when finished childbirth, your body is actually in need of adequate nutritional intake to be able to produce quality MILK for the child.

When a mother is in nursing, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, it is mandatory to do so. Nursing mothers are also obliged to consume foods that contain carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and minerals. Because all the nutrients are needed by the body to be able to produce quality MILK for the little one.

Good type of food for nursing mothers Diet If nursing mothers want to do a diet program to maintain weight in order not to rise significantly, then adjusting the eating pattern and the type of food is the main key that you should not miss. Here are some types of food that ma…

Nine benefits of cucumber masks for facial skin

For some women assume that beauty is expensive. It's true if it's pretty expensive, but if we look at beauty treatments at the moment. However it is different if we do beauty treatment with natural ingredients from nature. One of them is a cucumber mask.

Maybe the mask of the cucumber looks trivial, but if you've tried it will definitely know the result of a cucumber mask in caring for skin beauty. But before we find out how to properly treat the skin with a cucumber mask, it is good to know in advance what kind of content is in a cucumber. Here's the full review.

Ingredients in cucumber Cucumber is not only rich in water content, but Cucumber is also rich in vitamins and minerals. The content is not only beneficial to the health of the body but also beneficial for skin beauty. What is it? Here's an explanation:

Energy 15 Kcal < 1%Carbohydrate 3.63 G 3%Protein 0.65 g 1%Total Fat 0.11 g 0.5%Cholesterol 0 mg 0%Dietary fiber 0.5 g 1%Folat 7 mg 2%Niacin 0098 mg < 1…

Seventeen proven Argan oil benefits

Did you know that Argan oil is already widely used for beauty and health products in almost all the world. This is because Argan oil has a lot of content in it that is very beneficial in the field of health and the main is beauty.

In Indonesia It has also started many people who utilize argan oil as a natural ingredient to treat skin and nail beauty. Argan oil itself is produced from argan trees that you can only find in Morocco and Afrikan. You need to know also if this tree will start to bear fruit after tree age reaches 30 years.

Therefore, Argan oil is a gold oil, because of its difficult manufacturing process and its benefits are very many and varied. As well as the price of genuine oil of Argan in Indonesia is also relatively expensive, so if you want to use the oil then prepare more money to buy it.

Benefits of Argan Oil Argan oil has been very long known and utilized by African society as a natural remedy for the women there. Below are some of the benefits you can get if you us…

Six benefits of Candlenut for beauty facial skin

Candlenut is one of several types of spices in Indonesia. Aside from being a seasoning kitchen, candlenut also turns out to have benefits for beauty facial skin. This is because some of the content in Candlenut is capable of protecting the skin from free radical attacks and other problems.

Just like pepper, nutmeg and ginger, hazelnut is also one of the kitchen seasoning that has efficacy for beauty. This is because in the hazelnut there are some very beneficial content for skin such as Omega 9, linoleate acid, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin D, antioxidant, omega 6 and many other content.

Candlenut Benefits for Beauty As explained above if the benefits of candlenut we can feel because of the content that is in it. Here are some benefits of hazelnut oil for beauty facial skin:

1. Keeping skin Youthful Nutrient content in candlenuts is very good for keeping our skin looking youthful and spared from problems that can make skin wrinkles fast. But the absorption of nutrients that are in the c…

Twelve efficacy of Plum fruit for health rarely known

Plum fruit is one of the few types of fruits that have a very complete nutrient content. But the one type of fruit is still belonging to the unknown fruit, because the plum fruit is still rare in Indonesia. Nevertheless, the efficacy of the plum fruit for health turns out to be very diverse and able to overcome some types of diseases that are common in humans.

In Indonesia, the price of fresh plum fruit is still quite expensive and still difficult for us to meet in any fruit shops or markets. This is also what makes some Indonesians not very familiar with the fruit of this one.

Content of Buam Plum According to a study mention that the plum fruit has a fairly complete nutrient content and is also known if some nutrient content is very beneficial for health.

Where in 100 grams of fresh plum in the know has nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin K, vitamin B1, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6 and also vitamin E. In addition, plum fruit also has mineral content that bel…